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A quality video is an essential tool to educate and engage employees, promote company services, announce special events, and enhance the overall image of your organization. Palomar Productions understands the value of video and how it can represent “your” brand.

Who We Are

Palomar Productions is a professional Visual Communications company. We are here to help produce the best  video or streaming event that will exceed your expectations. 

Palomar Productions has a strong network of industry professionals with many years of experience in all aspects of video production, webcasting and audio-visual servies.

Production Services

Palomar Productions can capture your interviews, conference and special events with single, multi-camera set-ups or audio recording.

  • Press Conferences and media events
  • News Gathering
  • Sports News and Coverage
  • Webcasting
  • Interviews
  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • Corporate videos
  • Social media videos
  • Conferences
  • Launch Videos
  • Panel Discussions
  • Training Videos
  • Live Events

Our professional team has a strong background in using any camera required. Our inventory includes Red Epic W with 8K Helium Sensor, Sony FS5, Panasonic DVX200, various Panasonic cameras, Panasonic PTZ Cameras and Panasonic GH4.

Are you looking for multi-camera production to cover your event? Palomar Productions has the complete package to cover your event with up to four cameras.

Other cameras are available upon request.

Areas of experience include


Organizing and shooting live single and multi-camera events for government and private sector clients. Conferences, meetings and training sessions for videotape and web distribution.

Science and Technology

Satellites, construction, railway cars, wind tunnels, clean rooms, photonics, lasers, simulators, labs, and interviews with personnel involved in science, technology and construction.


Heart surgery, operating rooms, and training video for offices, pharmaceutical companies, and interviews with personnel who deal with medicine every day. This includes doctors, patients and CEO of pharmaceutical companies.


Helicopters, tanks, personnel carriers, fighter planes and interviews with military personnel at all levels.


Football, hockey, volleyball, fishing, golf, tennis, motocross, ATV’s and snowmobiling. Some have been live events, and some are for television programs. Our experience also lies in sports news with post-game coverage including interviews with players and live interviews. Some sports have been coverage for player and coaches’ analysis.


Experience in shooting interviews and b-roll for music and entertainment news stories. This includes interviews with actors, directors, musicians and producers as well as production for Electronic Press Kits (EPK).


A professional webcast/streaming or virtual event requires organization, experienced technicians, high quality equipment, and strong coordination and management with the client.

Palomar Productions has been involved in live stream events since 1998. Our experience extends well beyond just a core level of  production and streaming services. We can provide advanced solutions that include captioning, sign language, text transcripts, teleprompters, staging and other value-added components.

Palomar Productions can help deliver your message online using any platform that fits your needs. Our  custom Webcast Platform can provide the virtual setting to engage your audience.  We are not limited to our proprietary platform, our experience also extends to producing event using Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Livestream, Zoom, WebEx, Teams, and many other online video platforms.

Our belief is that all live streams represent your name and company.  We produce the best stream possible no matter what delivery platform the viewer might be using. 

What kind of meeting / event are you planning?


All presenters and audience attend virtually using a platform.


The event is held in-person with limited audience.  Some presenters might contribute virtually.


All presenters and attendees are at one location. A stream may be provided for virtual attendees.

Before you decide to stream your event, you may want to ask yourself some questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • How will they participate?
  • Why do they want to watch?
  • Where is the event taking place?
  • What value is gained by streaming live?

There are also many technical issues involved in producing a hybrid event:

  • Is there internet available at the site the event is taking place?
  • Is there sufficient lighting?
  • How will I capture audio from the speaker?
  • What budget have I allocated for live streaming?
  • Will I record the presentations? If so, where will I post the videos later?
  • Do I need to edit the video after the presentation?

There are many elemements involved in all productions.  If you are interested in webcasting or streaming services, please request an estimate and we will be happy to open the conversation to best understand your project.

Virtual / Hybrid Annual General Meeting

Palomar Productions specializes in Virtual and Hybrid Annual Meetings that are professional, affordable and secure, giving your presentation team and delegates a productive, enjoyable experience.

Our proprietary Webcast Platform along with the voting system allows you to conduct the business of your meeting and ensure votes are cast by your delegates.

Our Annual Meeting package includes:

  • One advance technical briefing with Webcast Producer.
  • One advance rehearsal with all presenters, Webcast Producer and Voting Operator.
  • Branded webcast page with registration portal, webcast login page, and Q&A modules.
  • Email reminders sent to registrants.
  • Live technical support.
  • Control panel access to view number of, registrations, logins and questions.
  • Voting Module with Operator/Administrator.
  • Backup recording of video on server.
  • Platform management.
  • Webcast Producer with required equipment to stream event.
  • Audience size of up to 500 viewers. (additional viewers incur additional cost)
  • Post event login and audience question report, voting report and recording of event.
  • Webcast Production management and coordination.


Event Webcasting

Viewers feel like they’re attending in person

Webcasting extends beyond traditional business conferences. Cultural events, musical interludes, press briefings and many events indoors or outdoors. Our fully equipped, experienced multi-camera crew can capture every angle of your event.

This event featured the British Royal Couple (Prince Charles and Camilla Parker- Bowles) at a special Canada Day event to launch the opening of a new hall at the Canadian Museum of History.

Outer Space

Communication from outer space!

This unique live webcast linked a conference at Queen’s University in Kingston with the International Space Station (ISS). Participants were able to ask questions to astronaut Drew Feustel as he floated high above the earth.

The live stream was the result of collaboration between NASA, the Queen’s IT department, Webcast Canada and Palomar Productions.

Flexible Layout

Video + Logo + Slides

The possibilities are endless for how the video is laid out, displayed and structured. By branding the video, it allows you to post or share, knowing your name is still associated with the content.

This medical presentation for The Endocrine Society allowed members of various media outlets to view and participate in the presentation without having to attend the conference.

Various options are available for presentations including multi camera, full screen slides, polling, twitter feeds, and other products to help engage your audience. Our production team is ready to guide you through producing the best product that helps strengthen your corporate brand.

Remote Presenters

Hybrid or Virtual Events

In a hybrid event, great presenters have limited time to attend every conference or meeting in-person. Offering to have the presenter attend and speak remotely, can help improve your audience participation and engagement.

If you are looking for a completely virtual event, our experienced professional team can deliver your event online with all speakers presenting form their own location.

Our production team can work closely with the presenter to ensure they are seen and heard with the best quality possible. The presenter also has options to show their own slides, videos or screen share.

About Us

Palomar Productions provides the best video and steaming services dedicated to the success of your event or project.

Our offices are located in Ottawa (Canada), Lisbon, New York and South Florida. The network of experienced videographers, audio technicians, audio-visual specialists, video editors, web programmers and streaming media developers stretches all over Canada and the United States.

All members of the team respect your time, listen to your ideas and concerns, and operate with honesty and integrity. We ensure you receive maximum value for your project.

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